Custom Printing

printing press

Northern Cards can custom print your greeting cards and we have printed for a number of card companies over the years. We have large annual contracts with local trade presses and some significant discounts on certain FSC papers and that allows us to keep our production costs quite low; our selling price to our distributors and customers is typically lower than what most commercial printers charge for the printing.

  • In terms of turnaround time, once we have finished signed off artwork, we need around 15 days to finish the product.
  • The finished folded size of each card is 5.5” x 7.75” (13.97cm x 19.69cm) - much bigger than is standard. 
  • Your cards will be printed on quite thick 15 pt Tango® Coated Cover C1S recycled and recyclable paper.
  • The products will be shipped to you together with premium 70 lb square flapped envelopes. 

For more details and quotes, get in touch by email to or by phone, on 1 888 503 3503 during business hours.