The 7 Best Cards Available to Buy on Amazon

Written by Selina Hallam

Amazon is the world's biggest online retailer, a true e-commerce titan and a one-stop shop where you can buy a new LG Smart TV at the same time as flea treatment and even an Idaho potato featuring your face (I'm not kidding!). You can also set up your wedding registry, join Amazon Prime, try out Audible Plus and so much more but in this blog, we're focusing on the best cards available to currently buy on the US marketplace.

From Thanksgiving to Valentine's and Easter to Mother's Day and occasions including birthdays, graduations and baby showers, greeting cards are big business and even more so since the arrival of COVID-19. Worldwide, we sent many more festive cards than usual in December 2020 and a UK survey showed that, "55% of people think sending Christmas cards is more important than ever amid the pandemic."

While you're adding your Idaho potato to your basket, you can also browse Amazon for a card to send to a special someone to let them know you're thinking about them. Here's a list of my personal favourites, covering birthdays, anniversaries, friendship, apologies and multi-occasions. 

FreshCut Paper

This unique product is a card and gift all in one - a stunning bouquet made out of 100% recyclable paper and even featuring a pop-up paper vase to house it in and a matching note card to write on.

The Tropical Bloom bouquet from Massachusetts-based FreshCut Paper is life-sized, measuring around 12" high by 9" across, and needs just three Forever stamps to send via USPS. You'll find Birds of Paradise flowers, Lotus blossoms and Hawaiian Plumeria, which all together stand for freedom, optimism, rebirth and hope, and you can send this card for all kinds of occasions.

I love the style and individuality of this item and the rest of the collection too, which FreshCut Paper calls, "... colorful and whimsical pop up flower bouquet greeting cards." I also love that for every card sold, they plant a tree in your honour, and that 1% of their sales fund non-profit environmental organisations via 1% for the Planet

Lovepop Darth Vader

I simply can't resist any kind of Star Wars paraphernalia, for myself or others, and this fun Darth Vader Celebration Pop-Up Card from Lovepop is a must-have for any fan, young or old.

The design is laser cut, hand-assembled using high-quality, FSC-certified craft paper and features Darth Vader onboard the Death Star, wielding his red lightsaber and ready to duel with Obi-Wan... but with a vibrant piñata in place of Obi-Wan's blue lightsaber!

The designer, Kincso, said, "It's really out of character for Darth Vader to be celebrating with a piñata, so it was a fun design to work on overall!". I like this as a birthday card but you can use it for a variety of occasions if preferred, as you also get a blank 'Lovepop Note' that slides out, so you can write your own message. 

Papyrus card
Sometimes, you don't need any bells or whistles and a pretty, colourful birthday card is exactly what you're after for a special female in your life. This particularly charming Girl on Cake card from Papyrus hits the mark and it comes complete with a heartfelt sentiment on the inside and a matching envelope and is suitable for all ages - from a grandchild to a grandmother. 

Like many Papyrus cards, this one is made from premium paper and features shimmering foil, glitter and gems. I love the colours and fine details and so will you and the recipient!

Hallmark classic car

Not another pop-up card?! Well, this vintage car one from the Hallmark Signature range is something special, so I couldn't not include it in my favourites.

Amazing Ride is a great card especially for male loved ones and it could be used for Father's Day or a different occasion instead but I personally like it for a birthday. Featuring a stunning navy blue laser-cut vintage car with gold and silver foil, this card is ideal for someone in your life who's car-crazy. It's printed on high-quality paper stock and even the inside of the envelope has a gold accent, so everything about this product shouts quality. 

Time Flies card
If you're looking for an anniversary card for your partner and you find it difficult to find the words you want to say, this sentimental offering from Hallmark's Signature collection is ideal, as the simple words say it all. 

Time Flies reads inside: "Every moment I spend with you is my new favorite moment," which will surely warm your loved one's heart. The front of the card is highlighted with gorgeous, delicate, paper craft flowers in front of a black and white background and you get a metallic envelope included. 

Whether you buy this for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, they'll love it and they may even want to frame it afterwards. 

Smiling Wisdom

With this perfect set to celebrate friendship, you can save time looking for a gift and a card as this already includes both! 

The blue silver leaf necklace friendship gift set from Smiling Wisdom is a sentimental way to tell your bestie that they're a true friend and while they'll love the pretty jewellery, they'll also love the inside words:

When I needed compassion, you warmed my spirit without judgment.
When I needed grace, you were a spring of forgiveness.
When I needed encouragement, you reminded me of times that I blossomed.
When I was about to fall, you lifted me to my feet and reminded me that true friends grow tall together.
You are a friend for a lifetime.

Friendship cards are a dime a dozen but this one is distinctively different and comes highly recommended. 

Dirty Dogs card

When you need to apologise to someone you love, who could possibly resist this Dirty Dogs sorry card from NobleWorks' The Best Card Company.

It's a simple and effective way to say, "I'm sorry," which is exactly what the words inside say, though there's also plenty of room to write your own apology there if needed too.

This card is printed on high-quality, thick, recycled paper and comes with a matching envelope, and it's a perfect way to get back in someone's good books. It'd be impossible for them not to forgive you once they've looked into this pup's eyes!

Please note: While the above cards are hand-picked favourites that I selected, Northern Cards are eligible to earn from qualifying purchases of our recommendations through the Amazon Associates program. 

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