Artist and Writer Submissions


The number one question we receive is, "Do you accept artist submissions?"

Yes, we absolutely accept artist submissions and all cards must include both an inside verse and an outside verse. The majority of our cards are hand-drawn or at minimum appear to be hand-drawn and we are not looking for photographic designs. We are a mainstream supplier and our market is North America. Cards can be traditional, contemporary, humorous, or edgy but they can’t be profane in nature. 

Artist Submission from 1997

Please review our online catalogue here. This will give you a guide to our successful designs for your reference, though this is not meant to exclude other types of designs or other art styles; it’s meant purely as a sample of what has been appealing to our consumers. It’s also meant as a guidance as to the calibre of the work we require, though we are not looking for duplicates of these designs. We also encourage artists to read our blog How to Get Your Greeting Card Published.

Glorious angel original art

Finished file(s) must be the folded size of 5” x 7”, the design can be portrait or landscape, and we must have an 1/8” bleed on all 4 sides. The artwork needs to be in vector format, with fonts outlined. Please submit PDF images for our initial review. Remuneration is typically around $150.00 for the first purchased design. If we publish your work, we will also provide you with sample cards, which you are free to use or sell as you wish.

Get in touch by email to and we'll take a look. We're available to answer questions and to provide general feedback but please be patient in terms of getting a response. We generally publish new cards three times per year, so if we don’t use or accept your idea at first, that doesn’t mean we may not be interested in publishing your work at a later date. Please note that due to overwhelming applicants, we only respond to those artists we intend to publish. Thank you for your understanding. 


If you're a writer instead and thinking of submitting your own words for us to use in our cards, you can also email artist@northerncards.comPlease first review our online catalogue here, so you can see the various styles of cards that we currently offer for purchase and the types of wording we may use. This isn't exhaustive, however, so if you have your own style, please still get in touch but note that we don't use profane language on our products.