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Canadian card maker with Down Syndrome

Keegan the Card Maker

Canadian cowboy-hat-wearing Keegan the card maker is sharing his talent with the world through his range of wonderfully bright and colourful greeting cards...
Hallmark card store

My Ultimate Guide to US Greeting Card Companies

I am delighted to bring to you my following list of favourite US card publishers. I have spent many enjoyable hours perusing what they have to offer and I hope you have just as much fun surfing their websites too.
Artist Interview cards

Artist Interview with Self-Publisher Barbara Hughes

Our next interview is with Barbara Hughes. Barbara is an artist and self-publisher who lives in Pennsylvania and who sells her products at Holistic Lotus in Allentown.
facts and figures

The Greeting Card Industry: Facts and Figures

If you make your own greeting cards to sell, it's important to know certain details about the greeting card industry, including facts and figures...
Mother's Day card

What to Write Inside a Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day is the ideal time to express your love and what better way to do so than with lovely words inside a beautiful card?
Snoopy on Dog House

10 of the Most Iconic Hallmark Cards

Everyone has their own favourite greeting card that they have received from a loved one over the years and oftentimes it has the Hallmark Cards stamp on the back... 
Game of Thrones card

My Top Picks for Amazon Greeting Cards

When it comes to choosing a card there are so many options, but here are my top picks on Amazon, not only a publisher but a life long-long greeting card geek.
Mother's Day

The Fascinating History of Mother's Day

Also known as Mothering Sunday in some countries, this much-loved occasion is our way to celebrate our mothers and mother figures, showing them how much we love and appreciate them, and most of us do so with at least a greeting card...
Tian Blevins

Army Officer Christian Blevins is overwhelmed by greeting cards

NEWS: US Army Officer in Moore County has been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers who have been sending greeting cards in support of his battle against cancer...
inside greeting card

Wondering What to Write Inside That Greeting Card?

If you're ever at a loss as to what to write inside a greeting card you've purchased, regardless of whether it's a birthday, congratulations, anniversary or sympathy card, you're certainly not alone... 
Joe Cuba

Joe Cuba asked for 100 cards for his 100th Birthday, he got 81,574

Centenarian World War Two veteran Joe Cuba has received more than 81,000 birthday cards from well-wishers all over the world who wanted to help him celebrate his 100 years.
Toronto greeting cards

The Best Toronto Greeting Cards

Here are my favourite stores in the city, which includes both independent ones and chains, to help you with regards your in-store purchases of cards while out and about in Toronto.