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girl with birthday cake

The Message Inside a Birthday Card

While there are many different types of birthday cards available, the message inside is what truly makes it special.
trends in Easter cards

Trends in Easter Cards

In this article, we'll explore the trends in Easter greeting cards, including their history, design and message.
100th birthday card

Annie Hanrahan Celebrates Her 100th Birthday With A Message From King Charles

Earlier this week, UK resident Annie Hanrahan, née Pattison, who lives in East Riding of Yorkshire in England, received an envelope postmarked Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA...

Help Make Halloween 2022 Special for Patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

As part of Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Halloween greeting card drive, individuals can create a spooktacular card online by choosing one of three cute animal designs.
cardmaking ribbons

Card Making for Beginners - 7 Tips to Get You Started

Take a look at our tips for card making for beginners and you'll soon be on your way to making your cards stand out and making people smile when they see them.
Chance of Rainbow

Chance of Rainbow - A 4-Year-Old and Her Greeting Card Business

There will be several entrepreneurs you know of who started young but it's unlikely that you know any who became one at the tender age of four! 
diamond pens

The Best Ballpoint Pens on Amazon

Here's a list of our personal favourites of the best ballpoint pens on Amazon.
Oprah Planner

Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts With A Little Help From Oprah

We're here to help you with last-minute Valentine's gifts on Amazon... with a little help from Oprah!
Henry Cole Christmas card

Why Do We Send Christmas Cards?

You may be wondering why we started sending Christmas cards in the first place and why we send them now and if so, read on!
Lovepop Star Wars

The 7 Best Cards Available to Buy on Amazon

In this blog, we're focusing on the best seven cards currently available to buy on Amazon, covering birthdays, anniversaries, friendship, apologies and multi-occasions. 
The Best Cards Available to Buy on Etsy: Part Three

The Best Cards Available to Buy on Etsy: Part Three

In this blog, you'll see more awesome cards on Etsy for different occasions, including celebrating Christmas and Halloween (it's never too early), as well as a congratulations card, a love card and a sympathy card. 
Wisteria greeting card

The Best Cards Available to Buy on Etsy: Part Two

In this blog, you'll see some more amazing cards on Etsy for different occasions, including one for an anniversary and another for a wedding, a card to thank a loved one, one to say get well and also a friendship card.