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trends in Easter cards

As you may know, Easter is one of the most important religious holidays in the Christian calendar. Celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox, Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's a time for reflection, renewal and hope, and is also an occasion for exchanging greetings and well-wishes with friends, family and loved ones. In this article, we'll explore the trends in Easter greeting cards, including their history, design and message.

History of Easter Greeting Cards

The tradition of sending Easter greeting cards dates back to the early 15th century, when hand-painted eggs were exchanged as a symbol of new life and rebirth, but it wasn't until the 19th century that the first commercially-produced Easter cards were introduced. These early cards were simple and featured religious imagery, such as crosses, lambs and angels, and often included biblical verses or quotations.

As printing technology improved, Easter cards became more elaborate and colourful, incorporating intricate designs, embossing and gold leaf. During the 20th century, they evolved to include secular themes and images, such as rabbits, chicks and spring flowers, alongside more traditional religious symbols, while today, Easter cards come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and are often personalized with photos or custom messages.

trends in Easter cards

Design Trends in Easter Greeting Cards

One of the most notable design trends in Easter cards is the use of bright colours and playful imagery. Many cards feature pastel hues, such as pink, blue, yellow and green, which are associated with spring and new beginnings, while floral motifs, such as cherry blossoms, daffodils and tulips, are also popular, as they symbolize growth and renewal.

Another trend in Easter card design is the use of cute and whimsical characters, such as bunnies, chicks and lambs, and these creatures are often depicted in playful poses, wearing colourful hats or holding Easter eggs or baskets. Some cards also incorporate humorous puns or jokes, adding a lighthearted touch to the holiday.

In recent years, digital Easter cards have become increasingly popular, as more people rely on technology to stay connected with loved ones. These often feature interactive elements, such as animation or sound effects, and can be easily customized and shared via email or even social media. Then there are pop-up cards and handmade cards that people love to send too, with some even making their own.

Additionally, eco-friendly cards have become a trend in Easter card design, as more and more people have become aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. These cards are often made from sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, use environmentally friendly printing methods and reflect a growing concern for the environment and a desire to make a positive impact on the planet.

trends in Easter cards

Message Trends in Easter Greeting Cards

The messages in Easter cards have evolved over time to reflect changing cultural attitudes and values. While many cards still feature religious sentiments, such as 'He is Risen or 'Blessings to you this Easter,' others focus on more secular themes, such as family, friendship and love.

One trend in Easter card messages is the emphasis on gratitude and appreciation. Many cards express thanks for the blessings of life and the renewal of hope that Easter represents, while others focus on the importance of spending time with loved ones and cherishing the moments we have together.

Another trend in these messages is the use of inspirational quotes or affirmations, which encourage readers to embrace positivity and to believe in their own strength and resilience, with examples including 'Every day is a fresh start' and 'With faith, all things are possible'.

Finally, many Easter cards feature sentiments of hope and renewal, emphasising the idea that Easter is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. These messages encourage readers to look to the future with optimism and to embrace the opportunities that life presents.

trends in Easter cards


Easter cards have a long and rich history, dating back to the early days of the holiday, and today they come in a wide variety of designs and styles - from traditional religious motifs to playful and whimsical characters. The messages in Easter cards have also evolved over time, with standards like eco-friendliness and personalization reflecting changing times, but they continue to be a popular way for people to express their love and gratitude during the Easter holiday.

Whatever the trend, the most important thing is to send a heartfelt message of affection and hope to your loved ones during this special time of year.

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