The Best Cards Available to Buy on Etsy: Part One

 Written by Selina Hallam

Etsy is a global marketplace for all kinds of unique products, where you can buy anything from cheap personalised stickers to six-figure sculptures. It's also home to hundreds of thousands of greeting cards for every occasion, so we wanted to showcase just a few of the best, so you can see for yourself that Etsy can often be a wonderful place to shop.

In this blog, Part One, you'll see cards for several occasions, including for a birthday, to apologise, to tell someone you're thinking of them and to encourage a loved one and there's even a fantastic Friends-themed blank card to send to a sibling. I'm sure you'll remember the episode once you see it!

Indiana Jones birthday card


This handmade Indiana Jones birthday card from Brooklyn-based Castle McQuade on Etsy is perfect for Indy or Harrison Ford fans and comes complete with an apt quote inside taken from Raiders of the Lost Ark (give or take a word or two). I got sidetracked checking out this seller's other amazing products, including Star Wars Christmas cards and TV-inspired Valentine's cards (it's never too early to buy either when you spot the ideal design for someone you know). There are also prints, magnets and stickers available in the Etsy store. Now where did I put my wallet...

sorry bear card

If you need to say you're sorry to someone you care about, this adorable watercolour vacuuming bear card (!) from Paper Wilderness in California will surely soften their heart. Painted and lettered by hand, this card is blank inside so that you can apologise in your own words but I think the recipient will no doubt say, "You had me at the bear!" anyway. This seller has some lovely other cards for sale too, for all kinds of occasions, as well as pins, stickers, mugs, notepads, postcards and more.

thinking of you card

In times like these or even anytime you want to show someone that you care about what they're going through, a card can really make someone's day. However, it doesn't have to be all soppy or serious, so why not put a smile on a loved one's face with this humorous thinking of you card from Modern Printed Matter. Based in Rhode Island, this seller makes quirky, nature-inspired greeting cards as well as personalised stationery, note sets and calendars, which are all eco-friendly as they're printed on recycled paper. 

Friends blank card

In the run-up to the recent Friends reunion, Courteney Cox revealed that 'The One With The Routine' is one of her favourite episodes and who can blame her. Now you can recreate it with your brother or sister in greeting card form! If you're looking for a card for your sibling, whether you want to wish them a happy birthday, tell them you're thinking of them or wish them luck with a cringeworthy dance routine, this amazing blank Friends card from London-based Kitncadoodle featuring Ross and Monica Geller will surely make them chuckle out loud. You can also purchase beautifully-designed musical theatre and movie cards, colourful postcards and unique notecards. What's not to love?!

encouragement card

An encouragement card can help give someone the wind beneath their wings, prompt them to take action or lift their spirits even momentarily and with this stunning Everyday Courage card from Sacredbee in Connecticut, you can do so in style. Their tagline is 'mindful greeting cards where art and literature meet' but they also sell stickers, gift tags, picture books, temporary tattoos and even leather zip bags featuring gorgeous artwork. Take a look - you won't be disappointed. 

Have you found any gems on Etsy that are worth shouting about? Let us know in the comments section below!

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